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"Excellence is a continuous process and not all accident"

                                                                 - APJ Abdul Kalam

Lawyer's Vision works continuously for the welfare of the society

The main objectives of the institution for which it is created are the following :-

1. To strive for Social justice, education and economic upliftment as provided in the Indian Constitution.

2. Primary, Pre-Primary, Secondary, Senior Secondary and Higher Education. Establishment of schools, giving them all kinds of help, medical acquisition for schools and schools to be run by the Trust in order to promote good education.

3. Establishment of various training centers like Computer, Typing, Shorthand, Art, Craft, Painting, Modeling, music, dance, physical education and yoga etc. and these training centers to be facilitated economically to operate them smoothly.

4. To do research on any subject related to education and for this, various action, plans and programs such as adult education, essay competitions, exhibition, prom, conference seminar etc.

5. For the students and trust members clothing, food, stationery, transport, medicine, library, laboratory, Reading room, hostels, sports grounds, swimming pool and providing other possible facilities by the organization

6. Providing free professional education training to the children of slums / colonies through the institution. To set up schools in slums, library, reading room etc.

7. To pay special attention to the promotion and spreading of education within the society and to establish and operate an educational institution.

8. Helping educated youth by providing them training and to help them in getting jobs. Establishing and helping in establishment of Hostels, Technical Education of Trust.

9. To encourage adult education in the society.

10. To pay special attention to education of the girls of the society for the advancement of women. To work for the good health and betterment of children and pregnant women.

11. Education to improve the domestic life of poor and needy women and managing family and social problems by organizing camps. To help poor people in every way and conducting marriages for poor and orphan girls and to help them by all means.

12. Education of children from economically weaker families and to provide their fees, books and other support.

13. To grant scholarship for promotion to the children of poor families of class VIII, X and XII On taking the first division 60 percent marks in graduation.

14. To organize Cultural educational programs time to time for the betterment of society.

15. Offering a citation to meritorious students and honest and hardworking teachers who have established special dimensions in the field.

16. Providing free or subsidized education to the students and girls belonging to very poor family and children with disabilities.

17. Employees, law experts necessary for accomplishing the objectives of the institution and / or appoint a manager and give them appropriate remuneration.

18. Promoting Indian culture and interest towards Hindi language.

19. Characterizing youth by connecting them with various social functions, to develop talent and confidence and nationalism among the youth, to develop a sense of secularism, service and cooperation.

20. To help, support and cooperate with the society in a time of natural calamity.

21. To make people aware regarding human rights and legal rights and duties. Making them aware about their development, safety and protection.

22. Promoting moral education, principles in citizens. Prevention to try Beedi, spreading awareness amongst cigarette smoker and intoxicating youth. Trying to stop the consumption of substances like alcohol.

23. Free treatment from time to time from volunteer trusts, doctors, etc. To organize or to get organized blood donation camps from time to time.

24. Setting up certain buildings for the use of citizen like Community Hall, Marriage Hall, Old Age Home for the use of general public Mahila Shram, Healthcare Center, music hall, Dancing Hall, Orphanage, Kindergarten, Anganwadi, Shishu Griha (Mother-Child Center) Reading Room, Library, Dispensary, hospital, stadium, studio and night residence etc. and various public social development programs to operate and operate them.

25. To protect the interests and rights of the general public through the institution correspondence with concerned departments and when required going to the courts and meeting the concerned officials.

26. Collection of funds for the purpose of the organization. Arrangement of funds by the members of the committee, members of the society and others, and by the government, will be taken as a grant.

27. Published newspapers, magazines etc. for the purposes of the committee.

28. To prohibit environmental pollution and making people aware about environmental pollution.

29. To do all possible help in the field of health and blood from time to time. Organizing camps for health checkup, eye checkup and prevention of other fatal diseases.

30. To provide good quality seeds and agricultural technology to the farmers through the institution.

31. At the time of natural calamities like flood, drought, earthquake or storm etc. providing medical, food, housing, trafficking and other materials and provide all possible support to the victims.

32. Public awareness campaign for tree plantation. Planting of trees through the institution and among the general public.

33. To fulfill the objectives of the institution, the land in the name of the trust and or buying or renting a building etc.

34. Obtaining the cooperation of government and non-government trusts. Completion of works / programs to be done in the field of education with the help of government.

35. Setting up, operating, arranging etc. All types of teaching-training centers after obtaining permission from the government.

36. Appropriation of the amount received by donations will be done as per Income Tax Section-11 (5). All income and earnings received from movable or immovable property of the institution in the memorandum, to be fully utilized for the achievement of the objectives and goals of the mentioned institution and will be levied and any of its benefits existing or outgoing payments to any one or more individuals claiming through, members shall not be made or shall not receive or in any way be benefitted by the organization. Also, the member shall not make any personal claim on the movable and immovable property of the institution or shall not earn any profit through membership of the institution.

Be a part of our noble cause by being the member of our organization. Fill the form and be the part of our family. Its time to help our nation prosper, to fight and provide door to door justice. Join our NGO and see our nation's future come out with flying colors.

We also welcome the support of volunteers. The certificates will be provided on completing the task assigned.

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