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About Us

Practicing in a law field is itself a challange. Along with witnessing the good side, we see barbaric side of the world too and people becoming victim of it. Some of them urge for the help but not to mention legal help can toom one's pocket. Not everyone earns a good bread and hence we established Lawyer's Vision in 2018 in order to render unprivileged.


Martin Luther King Junior's well known saying,

"Life's persistent and most urgent question is,

What are you doing for others",

is a question that acts as an agent of motivation to work for the society. We at Lawyer's Vision NGO work for the people of the society who are deprived of the basic necessities of life.


We believe in the fact that 'Philanthropy should be selfless' and that is why we extend a helping hand to the socially and economically marginalized people. We basically work in the areas of education and health. We try to provide basic facilities like tuitions and regular classes, stationary items, medicines etc.

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